What Is Here?

Batopilas is an old mining village at the bottom of Batopilas Canyon. It is a great place to visit and we highly recommend our 4 Day Batopilas Adventure for your visit.

The history of Batopilas is inextricably linked with silver mining. The veins of La Bufa and Batopilas at the bottom of the canyon became world famous. Commerce flourished, not only because of the mining activities but also because it became a center for merchandise distribution for the region.

One of the principal attractions of Batopilas is an aqueduct of ingenious design made by an American, Alexander Shepherd at the end of the 19th century, that runs parallel to the road. This aqueduct was built to provide much needed water to the hydroelectric plant to provide the town with electricity. As a curious note, Batopilas was the 2nd place in all of Mexico to have electricity.

You will find yourself in a sub-tropical climate 500 mts. above sea level and in a town of 1200 inhabitants. The downtown area is on the other side of town. One of the other principal attractions here is the architecture. The colonial houses downtown are especially noteworthy. The hacienda of Alexander Shepherd, the Magnate of Plata, who made his fortune here in the silver mines.

The temperature in Batopilas like in all other deep parts of the canyon is extremely hot in the summer but it is worth it in the end as the views are unparalleled and when the rains come the river flows in abundant amount, resulting in a magnificent scene. Cocktail in hand, you may sit upon the banks of the river or atop your terrace at your hotel and enjoy the lovely views of the river and reflect upon the joys of life.

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Best Season:All Year Round
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    Batopilas 4 Day Private Adventure

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    Flat Rate for 1-4 people: $1,328USD Per person rate starting 5th person: $332USD Travel for 4 days through unknown Mexico covering over 450 kilometers on the back roads and watch the amazing scenery unfold before ...

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    Batopilas 3 Day Private Tour

    3 Days

    Flat Rate for 1-4 people: $928USD Per person rate starting 5th person: $232USD This 3 Day Batopilas Tour leaves out the 4x4 back canyon road and deep canyon hiking day that is included on the 4 Day Batopilas Adventure. ...

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