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Batopilas 4 Day Private Adventure

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Travel for 4 days through unknown Mexico covering over 450 kilometers on the back roads and watch the amazing scenery unfold before you as you ‘step back in time’ when visiting this old silver mining village at the bottom of Batopilas Canyon on this fully guided and completely private 4-day tour. You’ll enjoy passing through 3 different climate zones, beginning in the upper sierra at over 7,000 feet, to end at the bottom of Batopilas Canyon at just above sea level. You’ll visit the Cusarare area en route, and once in Batopilas, you’ll also visit the Lost Cathedral of Satevo, and take a walk along the old aqueduct to see the tropical birds that nest there, or hike up to an old silver mine high above the village of Batopilas (enter at your own risk).

Your 2nd full day in the Batopilas area (Day 3) will be spent doing a local 4×4 vehicle experience and then a 1.5 hour hike to an amazing mesa with overlooks of two different canyons, with views that seem like you are on top of the world, where you’ll enjoy a box lunch while you take it all in. OR, if you are not a hiker, no problem…you’ll instead be driven by a local 4×4 vehicle to one of the highest overlook points in the region to enjoy a civilized picnic with table and chairs with your view. On Day 4, you’ll return the upper sierra; making stops in the San Ignacio Valley to see the rock formations, Lake Arareko and San Ignacio Mission.

This 4-day tour is the Best Possible Value for our multi-day private tours, and the best way to see it all in the shortest amount of time. The 3rd extra day allows you to enjoy some of the most amazing views in the Copper Canyon that few others will have seen. It encompasses all sights seen on 5 different tours all at once, including: the Around Creel Tour, The Cusarare Tour, The Combo Tour, The Copper Canyon Tour and The 4 Canyons and More Tour with another full day of canyon viewing that is not included on the regular Batopilas 3 Day Tour.

This 4-day private tour includes the Tour Only and you must provide for your own hotel, meals (lunch is included on Day 3) and entrance fees through the Raramuri Toll Booths that we’ll pass through en route during the trip. You can include your hotel, Indian entrance fees and picnic lunch on the way down to Batopilas as optional Add-Ons during the booking process.


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All about the Batopilas 4 Day Private Adventure.

Start location: Creel, Chihuahua

End location: Creel, Chihuahua


  • See Cusarare & San Ignacio Missions
  • Visit Cusarare Waterfall in the Cusarare Ejido
  • Drive through Basihuare & Copper Canyons
  • Drive through Humira & Batopilas Canyons
  • Enjoy walking through the streets of Batopilas, a Magic Town and old silver mining village
  • Walk part of the way to the Lost Cathedral of Satevo (8kms)
  • Hike along the old aqueduct (part of the Silver Trail)  in Batopilas, or up to an old silver mine high above the town (enter at your own risk)
  • Try to sight the Mot Mot, Military Macaw, Trogan & the Squirrel Cuckoo’s
  • Cross through 3 different climate zones from pine forest to deciduous forest to sub-tropical
  • Visit the Batopilas History Museum to see photos from the silver mining days and the annual Silver Trail Reenactment photos
  • Visit the Valley of the Mushrooms, Frogs, Monks, and Lake Arareko in the San Ignacio Indian Ejido
  • Enjoy a full day of adventure in a local 4×4 vehicle on the back roads around Batopilas, and hike up to an incredible overlook of two different canyons OR if you are not hikers, then you’ll stay in the vehicle and visit a different canyon view that is just as impressive.


  • Wear comfortable walking shoes
  • We recommend you bring a bottle of water
  • Bring small change or small bills so you can purchase hand-made crafts and souvenirs from the Raramuri people.
  • Please bring sunblock and a hat as you will be above 7,000 feet and one burns easily this high up
  • Please note that this private  tour has a Flat Base Price for up to 4 people. This means you pay the same flat rate if you have 1,2,3 or 4 people in your traveling party. The per person pricing is used if you have 5 or more people in your traveling party.
  • Please see our Cancellation Policy before booking.
The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Clean, well maintained and private vehicle
  • Professional, historian, private guide English/Spanish
  • Ice chest filled with beverages
  • Snack basket in touring vehicle
  • Sotol (type of tequila made only in Chihuahua) tasting and/or Lechuguia (a type of local distilled Mezcal) tasting upon availability
  • Picnic lunch or box lunch on Day 3 for 4×4 experience/hike.
  • 16% Mexican tax
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Meals  – (with the exception of the lunch on Day 3 as part of the 4×4 experience) Our Perfect Picnic and Box Lunches are available as Add-Ons. Please include any of these lunches as an Add-On choice at time of booking if you’d like to include them.
  • Hotel in Batopilas – available as an optional Add-On at time of booking
  • Any personal items
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips
  • Raramuri toll booth fees that are paid directly to the Indians. Please include this Add-On choice at time of booking if you’d like to include this
  1. Day 1 Drive through 4 Canyons

    Please be ready and waiting in the reception area of your hotel for your guide. He will be there to meet you a few minutes before your scheduled pickup time.

    We’ll start the day by driving to Cusarare Waterfall to enjoy it before it gets crowded, then on through 3 different canyons, descending from over 7,500 feet to the very bottom of the Copper Canyon and passing through pine forest into deciduous forest. It will get warmer as we descend so do wear layers for best comfort.

    If you’ve included the Perfect Picnic, or one of the box lunches today as an Add-On during your tour, your guide will stop to set up your lunch for you at a nice overlook, or perhaps near a river or stream. Enjoy an immersive experience as you dine in the outdoors in Amigo Style.

    After lunch, we’ll continue our drive into Batopilas Canyon and enjoy the amazing views from the switchback roads as we make our descent to the small, silver mining village at only about 400 meters above sea level. You’ll stop for photos at various overlooks. Upon arrival, your guide will check you into your hotel. You’ll have some quite time to rest before dinner.

    Your guide will meet you for dinner to instruct you where to dine and what is most tasty here regionally in Batopilas. Your guide will say goodnight to you so you can enjoy some downtime before you retire for the evening.

  2. Day 2 Sightseeing in Batopilas

    Today is a full day to enjoy the area in and around Batopilas. You’ll start the day with a visit to the Lost Cathedral of Satevo, just 8kms outside of Batopilas. If you are hikers, your guide will allow you to walk part of the way to enjoy the approach of the Cathedral even more.

    Afterwards, you’ll enjoy a visit to the Batopilas Museum to hear about the old silver mining days and to see photos of the annual Silver Trail re-enactment with real arrieros. Your guide will help you sort out where to have lunch, then you can choose to do a self-guided walk along the old aqueduct of about 3kms, or you can do a local guided hike up to an old silver mine above the town of Batopilas and enter at your own risk. The mine circuit hike is about 3 hours.

    Your guide will help you sort out where to have dinner tonight and what to order. Enjoy a good nights rest for your 4×4 adventure experience tomorrow!

  3. Day 3 4x4 Experience & Hiking

    Today is your local, 4×4 back roads experience in the area around Batopilas. If you are hikers, you’ll be driven to a small Indian village on the side of the mountain where you will do a 3-4 hour round trip hike to a mesa that straddles two gorgeous canyons for out of this world canyon views. A box lunch is included for your hike today so you can enjoy dining at what seems like the top of the world.

    If you are non-hikers, you’ll be driven to a different overlook with still amazing canyon views and a picnic with table and chairs will be provided for you to enjoy a civilized picnic at what seems like the top of the world as well.

  4. Day 4 Return to Upper Sierra

    Today you’ll return to the upper sierra, stopping at the Valley of the Mushrooms, Frogs, Monks and Lake Arareko to explore that area. You will arrive in Creel in time to for lunch.

Because you will be passing through 4 different climate zones on this trip, it is adviseable to dress in layers so you can cool down as you get deeper into the canyons. Batopilas sits at just above sea level so it is hot in the winter, and very hot in the summer. Be sure to bring good hiking boots or hiking shoes with plenty of traction if you plan to hike or walk anywhere.

No, hiking is never mandatory on any of our tours, though this tour is meant for those that want to get out and hike in the canyons without doing a full blown hiking trip, it can also be done by those who want to enjoy the cultural aspect of the trip but who do not hike much. Some walking is required in order to get to some of the out of reach places such as Cusarare Waterfall, the old silver mine, or the aqueduct, but you can opt out of those walks if you prefer.

Not really. Because you will be in the remote canyon regions on your descent to Batopilas, you will not find anywhere to purchase food. Be sure to include one of our picnic or box lunch Add-Ons for your own convenience, or bring along something to eat on your own if you prefer it.

However, please note that our picnic Add-Ons have all been specifically designed to fill you up and add a special touch to your tour that will make it more memorable for you.

Lunch is provided during the 4×4 experience on Day 3 of this tour.


Overall Rating
Cleona Mathur
Reviewed On 23/08/2016

This is really and truly one of the best adventure tours I have ever been on. Exploring the remote canyon regions (really remote!) was so wonderful and the hiking in Batopilas was awe inspiring. The 3 Amigos are so professional and our guide Ivan was so knowledgeable and truly a wonderful host for the entire trip. It is perfectly safe and our guide knew everyone all along the way. You can tell they do this trip often. I can't say enough about this tour. You must do this tour for sure if you come to the Copper Canyon. It was THE highlight of our trip. Thank you to the 3 Amigos!