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Basaseachi Falls, with a drop of 246 meters (807 feet), inside the National Park of Basaseachi, in Candamena Canyon, is said to be the highest waterfall in Mexico. Piedra Volada, another waterfall in the same canyon, is technically taller, but because it doesn't have water year around it loses out on the title.

The park has a great diversity in flora found in Northern Mexico. One of the factors that allows the park to have such a great variety of flora is due to the large number of micro-climates found in the park due to dramatic terrain. The flora in the park like that found throughout the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range varies with elevation. Pine and oak species are usually found at an elevation of 2,000 meters (6,560 ft) above sea level. The park contains 92 species of conifers and 76 species of oaks.

The park also supports a large variety of fauna including a significant number of mammals, reptiles and birds. The mammals that can be found in the park include: Mexican fox squirrel, antelope jackrabbit, raccoon, hooded skunk, wild boar, collared peccary, white-tailed deer, and the cougar. The three main species of reptiles found in the park are: Texas horned lizard, rock rattlesnake, black-tail rattlesnake.

There is a great variety of birds observed in the park including: Mexican jay, Steller jay, acorn woodpecker, canyon towhee, mourning dove, broad-billed hummingbird, Montezuma quail, mountain trogon, turkey Vulture. The Mountain Trogon is an endemic species found in the mountains in Mexico; it is considered an endangered species and has symbolic significance to Mexicans.

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Best Season:July - November, Year Around
Popular Location: Candamena Canyon

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Basaseachi falls
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