Where is Copper Canyon Mexico?

Copper Canyon is one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. Most people, when they first hear of it, ask, “Where is Copper Canyon, Mexico?” The answer is the key to understanding just how amazing the canyon is and what it has to offer the adventurous tourist.

DivisaderoNestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains of northwestern Mexico, straddling Chihuahua and Sinaloa State, Copper Canyon (or Barranca del Cobre), is not just one canyon, but a system of many separate canyons formed by six rivers which are tributaries of the El Fuerte River, which in turn flows into the Sea of Cortez. There are many different ideas about how the Copper Canyon was named and one of them is for the distinctive green and copper colors of the canyon walls that can be seen from different vantage points at different times of the year. The Copper Canyon spans an area roughly four times that of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Not only is Copper Canyon larger than the Grand Canyon, but it is also deeper and covers over 25,000 square miles.

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