Is Mexico really dangerous?

What you should really worry about when traveling to Mexico: Last weekend I was speaking at The Puerto Vallarta Writers Conference and while eating at the famed, endless Sunday brunch at the Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Spa, I suddenly became very inspired to write. Since my laptop was up in the room, I grabbed what was handy, (in this case it was my Alaska Airlines boarding pass from my purse) and started to write anyway.


People ask me everyday if Mexico is safe. “Is Mexico safe? Will I get shot?” Well, I suppose it’s like if a person from Mexico asked me if they would get shot if they traveled to Los Angeles. Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? No.

The fact is, you have a 1.3% chance of being a victim of crime in Mexico.

But, as a frequent traveler to Mexico, I think it’s only fair to let you know that there are some warnings to traveling in Mexico.

So, here is a list of things you just might have to worry about while you’re visiting Mexico:


  • You might overeat at the endless Sunday brunch and get heartburn
  • You might trip and fall on the cobblestone streets
  • You might get acid indigestion from too much fresh squeezed lemonade
  • You might get sunburned and have to spend extra money buying aloe vera gel
  • You might lose your hearing if you are sitting next to a 26-piece mariachi band
  • You might have a hard time deciding whether to go to the beach or get a massage
  • You might hit someone with a golf ball because you were blinded by the sun
  • You might get really tired from having so much fun, that you forget to buy souvenirs for your family back home, and they might get mad
  • You might fall completely, head-over-heals in love and never want to leave which causes you to be depressed when you have to go to the airport to go back home

When you travel anywhere, be a smart traveler. Watch your stuff, be respectful of the country you’re visiting and use common sense.  The fares and deals to Mexico are great right now. So book a flight, book a hotel, pack your bags and go relax, get some sun, get some culture, get inspired and go visit. Mexico is our neighbor and biggest trading partner to the south. We are linked in so many positive ways.  Sharing a laugh and a smile are some of the best things that neighbors can do and it just might surprise you.

Article written by Susie Albin Najera for The Mexico Report. For the full article please visit The Mexico Report.