The annual Ultramarathon



March 6, 2011 Copper Canyon Run and Ultra Marathon:
Program Information


Wednesday, March 2:
Runners/spectators/participants should arrive in the remote deep canyon town of Urique at the bottom of the Urique canyon. The local bus meets the train bringing passengers from Los Mochis from the west and Creel from the east, arriving in Urique at night, thus missing the big views. If participants do not want to wait on the bus, and arrive in Urique in the daylight, private transportation is available by appointment at a higher cost. Visitors should check in at race headquarters–The “Plaza” restaurant, to enjoy a delicious meal. This is where the owners can direct visitors to their hotel, which is our headquarters, the nicest place in town for the price, and where the Tarahumara runners will be staying. There are various hotels, lodging and camping options in Urique varying in price from $7 to $45.

Thursday, March 3:
6:30 a.m: Runners will meet for breakfast at the “Plaza Restaurant”, then take a group slow-hike of one of the two big loops of the course to acclimate and become familiar with what we will be running on race day.

Friday, March 4:
6:30 a.m: We will meet for breakfast, then walk the other big loop of the course to los Alisos, which includes the most beautiful section of our run.

Saturday, March 5:
Rest and eat! Enjoy the hospitality and wonderful program’s presented by the race organizers and little town of Urique while relaxing, saving strength for Sunday!

Sunday, March 6:
6:30 am: The race begins! The “Plaza” restaurant will be open early for pre-race fueling and will act as the main aid station. This will be where the 3 loops of the course will begin and end. Dinner will be served at the “Plaza” restaurant whenever runners are ready, followed by the awards ceremony in the town plaza at 8 p.m. That is when the top 10 Raramuri [Tarahumara runners] will be handed huge cash awards and notice of the award of mixed corn and beans to the various settlements of the top 10 runners. The corn/beans awards at the 2010 race turned out to be the value of 100,000 pounds of corn! The cash awards were $14,000 dollars. All finishers after the top 10 will be awarded 500 pounds of corn. Any stateside runner that finishes in the winnings will have the opportunity to present his/her prize as “korima” [a gift/sharing] however he/she wants, to be given/shared with the finishing raramuri or towns-people.

Monday, March 7:

Ground transportation will be available to the train station above the west rim of the Urique canyon where runners/travelers will board the train to make their connections to their desired destinations with the feeling that we all have been a part of something very special! Que le vaya bien.

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