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Scooter Available: Yamaha 125 Zuma (called BW’s in Mexico)  4 stroke  125cc
Price per day: $70USD (9am to 6pm)
With an automatic transmission and 125cc of power and seating for two, this powerful and fun little scooter will be able to carry you to the bottom of the Copper Canyon or to Divisadero for a full day of sightseeing at a very affordable price.

Please note that you must sign a liability waiver release to ride and you must be over the age of 18 with a valid drivers license and passport. Your passport will be held as a deposit on the equipment and returned to you when you return the equipment in the same condition as when you rented it. You MUST have previous scooter or motorcycle experience to rent and you must be below the weight limit to ride. See Details Tab for weight restrictions. 

You can really get around and see a lot of the area around Creel on your scooter including the following main destination attractions:

  • Valley of the Mushrooms & Frogs (6 kms)
  • Valley of the Monks (8 kms)
  • San Ignacio Mission (3 kms)
  • Lake Arareko (8 kms)
  • Recowata Hot Spings (22 kms) – some walking required to the bottom of the canyon
  • Cusarare Waterfall (23 kms) – some walking required where scooter can’t go
  • Cusarare Mission (23 kms)
  • Loyola Museum (23 kms)
  • Basihuare Canyon (43 kms)
  • Copper Canyon (58 kms)
  • Divisadero Area (45 kms)

There are a few places where the scooter can’t go due to river crossings or very rough roads, and please keep in mind that because of the engine size, these scooters are not meant for long distance driving and cannot be driven more than 110kms in one day. This also applies to the gas tank size. Please restrict your riding to the areas mentioned above for best functionality of the vehicle. 


  • Helmet
  • Full tank of gas
  • Map of the area
  • Mexico taxes

NOT Included:

  • Meals
  • Any personal items
  • Raramuri toll booth fees
  • Equipment Insurance nor Medical Insurance (liability waiver must be signed and deposit left for any damages)

Duration: 9am to 6pm – anytime of the year

Pick up location: Creel 3 Amigos Office

Drop off location: Creel 3 Amigos Office


  • Four stroke engine
  • 125cc
  • 90 kms per hour maximum speed
  • Maximum torque: 9 N-m@5500RPM
  • Electric and pedal start
  • Locking handlebars
  • Automatic transmission
  • 6 liter gas tank with capability of ~30kms per liter
  • Holds up to two people at a total of 140 kilos or 300 1lbs. Not over 90 kilos is the optimum rider weight for best gasoline consumption, handling and smoothness of ride. (heavier weight will cause faster dissipation of gasoline, slower speeds and damage to the undercarriage and motor of the scooter if you are not careful on bumps). This means that if you are one or two people, you must fall within the acceptable, combined weight limit range or you will need to rent two scooters.


• Wear comfortable shoes & clothing
• We recommend you bring a bottle of water
• Bring small change or small bills so you can purchase hand-made crafts and souvenirs
• Please bring sunblock and a hat as you will be above 7,000 feet


• Payment in full is required at time of Reservation along with renter passport as a deposit in case of Late , Cleaning, Damage or Replacement Fees
• All rental equipment is to be used as intended by manufacturer. Customers are encouraged to request a demonstration in the proper use of all equipment rental items prior to pick up.
• Any damage due to negligence or misuse is the full responsibility of the renter and the renter will be charged for replacement of parts and/or entire scooter if lost or stolen or damaged
• Rented equipment must be returned no later than 6:00pm on the specified Due Date. Please allow up to 15 minutes for gear inspection upon rental return.

• You must sign a liability waiver release to rent this equipment
• Late Fees will be charged for each item for each minute in excess of the Due Date / Time. Cleaning, Damage or Replacement Fees will be assessed by staff upon rental return

• You must have previous motorcycle or scooter riding experience to rent a scooter
• You must be below the weight limit to rent a scooter