Ride On The Wild Side

We offer Yamaha 150cc Scooters that are great for short distances such as to the bottom of the Copper Canyon, Divisadero, and to Cusarare Waterfall, as well as Yamaha 250cc Motorcycles that are perfect for longer distances such as to Basaseachi Falls or Batopilas. You MUST have previous riding experience though for your own safety.

Because we are trusting you with our very valuable and costly equipment, we also need you to trust us with your valuable passport as a deposit on your motorized rental. This will ensure us that you will take care of our property while it is in your care, and return it in the same condition as when you took it out. Your passport will be safely locked away in our offices while you enjoy the day, and we both can feel positive and safe that our valuable property is mutually cared for.

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Best Seasons:Year Around
Popular Location:Batopilas, Basaseachi Falls, Cusarare, Divisadero

Yamaha Scooter & Motorcycle Rentals

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Scooter Rentals

9am to 6pm

Scooter Available: Yamaha 125 Zuma  4 stroke  125cc $70USD - Rental period is from 9am to 6pm With an automatic transmission and 125cc of power and seating for two, this powerful and fun little scooter will be able ...

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    Motorcycle Rentals

    9am to 6pm

    Motorcycle available: Yamaha Tenere 250 Starting at $150USD. Rental period is from 9am to 6pm (overnight and multi-day rentals available at a higher price) The Yamaha Tenere 250 is able to go from the freeway to a ...

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