The 3 Amigos Adventures by Amigo Trails

Mastering the art of in-depth, private day tours and quality rentals for over 20 years in the Copper Canyon!

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The 3 Amigos

The 3 Amigos Adventures by Amigo Trails is the only rental outfitter and registered ground transportation provider in the world with offices inside the Copper Canyon. Our mission is to provide travelers who wish to manage their own Copper Canyon trips, with quality rentals and in-depth, historian led day tours so they get the best experience on their visit to the canyons.

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Our Parent Company Amigo Trails

Ideally, for best overall experience, we encourage travelers to book with our other company, Amigo Trails,, the only inbound, independent tour operator in the world with offices inside the Copper Canyon. Amigo Trails provides logistically optimized trip packages that include all tours, transfers, hotels and train tickets. A full trip package with expert logistics is really the very best way to see and do the most on your Copper Canyon trip.

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Best Experience

Whether you do a complete package trip with Amigo Trails, or just book your quality based and historian guided day tour with us here at The 3 Amigos, you can count on over 20 years of Copper Canyon expert experience from local professionals, the best service available and the best quality of equipment. Enjoy your Copper Canyon trip and we thank you for choosing Amigo Trails & The 3 Amigos!

About The 3 Amigos

Our number one goal is YOUR most immersive experience!

Why We Are The Best Choice

The 3 Amigos have been in business since the mid 90's and have always lived and worked in the Copper Canyon region, in the Magic Town of Creel specifically. Unlike other operators or agencies who live outside the region and must use whomever they can find to manage their ground operations, turning more often than not to unqualified and untrained taxi drivers, our staff consists of licensed and historian guides that have your comfort and experience in mind at all times. All our day tours are designed by our team of logistics coordinators who know the Copper Canyon extremely well, since we insist that they also live here in order to be expert in their design. They tour the entire canyon region frequently and work hard to come up with better and better experiences for you to enjoy.

The Proof Is In Our Reputation

We are proud to be a small company with less than 15 full time staff members, and we aim to stay small as that is the only way to continue to do what we do best, which is to give our clients a special and in-depth experience here in the Copper Canyon. It is super easy to pick out a few hotels on the train line, which runs through a very small portion of the canyons; then check off this region from your bucket list, but to get to know the canyons from an insiders perspective is quite a different experience indeed. The Copper Canyon covers over 25,000 square miles so to see a good portion of it, one must get off the train line and into the hands of professionals who know and love this area best. Just trust in our world-wide reputation for excellence and you will not be disappointed. We look forward to serving you!

People Power

Our Staff are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Amazing support for all!

Our staff are hand selected by the owners of the company for not only their guiding or designing skills, but also their personalities. They must be happy, honest and outgoing in order to win a coveted spot on The 3 Amigos or Amigo Trails team.

Everyone on our staff is an expert in his or her field and that of course is reflected in the quality of work that they are able to do for you, our valued clients.

We know you will enjoy meeting them all, if you get the chance, while on your Copper Canyon trip. Rest assured though, that even if you do not get to meet everyone, they will still know who you are and when you are here as every member of our team gets a copy of every single booked clients itinerary so that everyone knows exactly where you are going and how to help you best should you have any questions at all.

We know you will enjoy your day tour or rental with The 3 Amigos or your full trip package with Amigo Trails. Welcome to the Copper Canyon!

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